We love...

Coffee, of course. But we also love our planet Earth!

We believe that every little step, every little contribution and every little cup matters. We truly want to create the difference for our planet, for ourselves, for the future generations and for everyone else! And we want YOU to be part of it!

From the very first moment of creating SIP IT, we have paid attention to every single piece and component of our brand and products, so that it would be 100% sustainable.

All of our collections are dedicated to different environmental issues. Why? To increase the knowledge and inspire to notice the World around you. As we always like to say:

one cannot change the world but together we can - one cup at a time!

Meet our team


Founder & Managing Director

Taking care of our brand, products and visual identity by side of coconut milk cappuccino.


Co-founder & Sales Director

Responsible for our sales and financial topics while having cafe latte with a cheeky caramel syrup.


Chief Happiness Officer

Taking care of sniffing all of your orders before sending out and walking owners to the coffee shop every morning.

All SIP IT cups are

handmade in Estonia,

made of sustainable materials, safe for your health, highly durable and free of any plastics.

We don't compromise on coffee taste! Ceramic is the best material for coffee as it neither absorbs nor imparts flavors, leaving coffee to taste just as it should.

You have any questions or ideas?